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Some questions about Air warrior system and helicopter crewmen helmet


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Hello everybody,due to my big interest on everything that is related to helicopters I would like to ask some questions hoping to get some more informations:

1-what kind of plates are worn with the AIR warrior system flak vest?the normal SAPI,the ESAPI plates or other models?

2-What are the differences between the SAPI and the ESAPI plates,only the weight or also the composition of the material?

3-What is the helmet actually used by the Army helicopter crewmen,only the HGU 56P or other models too?


Many thanks in advance for any informations

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We will work backwards up.

The helmet is the HGU-56 only. Enlisted crewmembers will typically have a Maxillo Facial Shield (MFS) on their helmet. No laser visors but do have the ANVIS mount with slim battery pack

SAPI vs ESAPI. SAPI were hard plates, black in color. ESAPI have a padded cover over the hard plate that is ACU grey. The SAPI or ESAPI are not used in the air warrior system, it has it's own plate that closely resembles the SAPI, but has a take molded into it calling it the air warrior system armor.


We had a entire discussion on the air warrior system not long ago. I think it was in the field gear section. Do a search on air warrior and you should find it, It was picture heavy.

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Thank you Hawkdriver,as alwyas you give a lot of interesting Informations.I have already "tracked" your previous post on the AIR warrior system with all the great pics!

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