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US Navy WAVES Grouping


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Hi: In the summer, I picked up this US Navy WAVES grouping which I found listed in an estate sale in the area. I figured that it would be gone since it was late in the day but I elected to go and check it out. When I walked around in the house of the estate sale, I found three (3) US Navy WAVES uniforms on hangers ( two (2) blue tunics, two (2) blue skirts, a pair of blue slacks, and a seersucker tunic and dress) on a rack along with a WAVES purse. On the table in the same room, I found two (2) overseas caps (blue & seersucker) and a rain cap. As I was walking out to pay, on the table, I found a box with more WAVES items (ties, caps, cap covers, insignia, etc) and some other military patches since the WAVES' husband was also in the US Navy. I asked if the proceeds were going to the family and the lady behind the table pointed me to the WAVES' son. He & I talked for approx. an hour since my Mother was also a Yoemen in the US Navy WAVES. He asked if I got the photostat copy of the paper on the wall where she signed for the clothing (WAVES Clothing Sales form). He also sent me a picture of his Mother in uniform.


I was super happy....since this is a complete grouping from the US Navy WAVES family.






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Interesting how one jacket is YN1/c, one is YN3/c and both have Ruptured Ducks. Love the modified YN1/c rate

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Good eye "SIGSAYE"...I just layed the WAVES propeller & anchor collar patch and Ruptured duck on the YN 3rd Cl jacket when I took the picture. She was the Yeomen 1st Class.....every item is named....stencilled.

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Very Nice!

You are his witness now, without a witness, they just disappear!

Quote from the movie TAKING CHANCE 2009








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Hi Folks:


I recently picked up another US Navy WAVES blue uniform consisting of jacket and skirt both "named" to PO2nd Class medical pharmacist along with post cards from the US Navy Training Base at Bronx, NY and some great group photos of WAVES in front of the Seattle Naval Hospital. She was selected with 40 other WAVES to attend Officer candidate school.....but the war ended. She was a teacher prior to enlisting in the WAVES and when discharged returned to Iowa to teach where she was also a Postmaster...but eventually moved back to Seattle area. Based upon her obituary ...she was a fantastic person. Her husband was also in the US Navy has a pharmacist. I'll post pictures...soon

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