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USAF CCT in Vietnam Picture thread.


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hey some great pictures, i was not a CCT member, but i served with a lot of those guys. some at travis afb in aerial delivery/mobility and in vietnam as part of a cmt. (OLAD)


not sure it can be opened,so i added this.





MSgt. Lewis O. Brabham, Jr., who almost single-handedly directed air operations from the ground at Saigon's airport on the final day of conflict, will be presented the William H. Pitsenbarger Heroism Award tonight at the annual AFSA Awards Banquet.

The Pitsenbarger Award is named in honor of an airman first class pararescueman who lost his life in Southeast Asia while attempting to save the lives of others.

Pictured is Ron Stanford and Lew Brabham, Dalat, Viet Nam

At 4 a.m. on April 29th, 1975 Tan Son Nhut, Saigon’s main airfield came under intense accurate rocket fire, mortar and artillery fire from firmly entrenched and virtually unopposed enemy forces. Within a few minutes nine U.S. and Vietnamese Air Force cargo aircraft and a number of helicopters were burning on the ramp. Sergeant Brabham roused his Combat Control Team and set up communications in the midst of the shelling to relay vital intelligence information to an airborne command post flying nearby.

The barrage intensified during the morning, showering the airfield with shell fragments and debris. The attack became so intense and accurate that it triggered mass panic among the South Vietnamese. Many VNAF aircraft were making unauthorized and uncontrolled departures from the runways and taxiway, jettisoning live rockets, missiles, bombs, rocket pods and ammunition along the way.

Brabham organized an attempt to clear the active runway and make it safe for operations. Unprotected and continually exposed to exploding rounds, the Sergeant, although untrained in explosive ordnance disposed repeatedly moved by hand or with fork¬lift, various types of live and unexpended ammuni¬tion from the landing surface.

Within a short time, the northwest sector of the airfield fell to the North Vietnamese and both run¬ways came under their control, isolating the lone controller in the control tower.

Without regard for his own safety, Sgt. Brabham crossed the runway and adjoining open area under fire to the tower, recovered the controller and led him back across the field. He withdrew his men to the Defense Attaché Office compound without casualties. There, he prepared his radio jeep for destruction and used his portable radio equipment to control the helicopter landing zone for the evacua¬tion of personnel. He remained until .the last moments to work air traffic and assist personnel in boarding outbound helicopters for flights to off¬shore ships.


Sergeant Brabham was later awarded the Silver Star by the Air Force for his gallantry.

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