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1944 Colt 1911a1 with Holster


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Thank you guys for the kind comments.

Leather is bad for firearms.

I store my hand guns in "Bore-Store" cloth pouches in my safe.

They are treated to prevent rust.

They are also soft and furry :o:D

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Next to the M1 Garand, this is the next 'best battle implement ever devised'. I shot and qualified with the .45cal M1911A1 and of course I bought one as a civilian. I read today on Military.gov that the US Army is not going to buy the new Beretta M9A3. It'd be nice if the US Armed Forces went back to the .45cal with either Para-Ordnance (14 rds in the mag) or Sig-Sauer. The .45 has never been questioned regarding its stopping power and that's what a soldier needs. BTW Nice pistol.

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