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1944 Colt 1911a1 with Holster


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Bought this one from a guy who was selling it on another forum (Firearms specific forum).

It is a 1944 Colt 1911a1 which allegedly belonged to a B-24 bombardier during WWII.

The seller stated that he purchased it directly from his son.

Not sure if the story is true or not but I bought the gun, not the story.

What I mean is that the gun was sold to me for a price that was fair for the gun without the story.

I will be getting the gun in hand sometime this week and I can post better photos.

It is all an all correct firearm.



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Brian Dentino

Oh now that is a ripper!!!! She is a real stunner.....can't wait to see some better pics in natural light but it looks to be nearly mint for sure! Great pick up!!!!!

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Thank you for the kind comments and NO I would NEVER store it in the holster.

I put some CLP on it and placed it in a BoreStore and put it in my safe.

Anyway, here are some updated pics.

Got it yesterday.

NOYCE X-Mas present!!

Better than I expected.



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