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An M5-11-7 Assault Gas Mask and Accessories

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Here is a pretty nice M5-11-7 Assault Gas Mask and rubberized cloth bag. This would have been the exact style carried ashore by the soldiers landing on D-day and would have been discarded shortly after that. Along with it I have put out a grouping of accessories to detect, protect against and treat the effects of gas warfare. I took a queue from my wife and always find that "In order to beautify you must accessorize!". I was actually surprised a little when I dug it out and put it all together for the photos, as I had forgotten how much of the stuff I had.


1) Excellent condition M5-11-7 Assault Gas mask with perfectly soft and pliable rubber. The mold mark under the chin is interesting in that it has 3 concentric circles, almost like a target, with a 44 in the center. There are patterns of dots in the outer two circular rings and the numbers 553 and 318 molded outside of the circles. Finally a 40T 40-4 is ink stamps on one of the cloth straps.


2) Mint rubberized, M7 carrying bag with snaps, marked US UL ARMY ASSAULT GAS MASK. Ink stamp on strap is M7 LOT FT 40-4, which matches the lot number on the mask, which means they are a matched set.


3) EyeShield, M1, Air Spray, disposable goggles.


4) Cover, Protective, Individual. A disposable, plastic cover also known as a “Gas Cape”.


5) Kit, Gas Mask Waterproofing, M-1 and contents with scarce khaki pouch.


6) Older style grey can of 4 – Tubes Protective Ointment, M5 and 1- Tube Eye Ointment BAL.


7) Older style grey tube of Protective Ointment M4, with original cardboard box


8) Gas Mask Repair kit, Company, MII, in original cardboard tube with contents.


9) Two styles of the Anti-Dim cloths in the cans. The earlier greenish-yellow color can is somewhat scarce.


10) Impregnite in Clothing testing kit, M1, in original cardboard box.


11) OD can of Shoe Dubbing.


To the left of the mask, from top to bottom are the following:


12) Can of Paint, Liquid Vesicant Detector, M5 Type II for detecting gas and chemicals.


13) Can of Impregnite, Shoe, M-1


14) Canister, Combat, MII, Spare filter for M5 gas mask, still sealed in can.




"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb, bastard die for his country" George Pattons speech to the Third Army.



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