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Combat Engineer Bringback

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My Father was a Sargent in the 160th Combat Engineers in the ETO. He took this stickpin from a German Artillery Officer along with his Artillery model Luger pistol and field binoculars. The Luger was stolen from him by a fellow GI, The binoculars made it home but were broken later on. The stickpin indicates that the Officer was a former member of the NSKK which was the motorized unit of the SA brown shirts.





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Thank you sundance. I still have his unit book. D Day, Bulge, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria. I am still awed at what he went through. They did not liberate the big concentration camps but came across some slave labor camps where the Germans machine gunned all of the prisoners before they left. Very sad. Sure wish he had that Luger as that model fetches some hefty dollars today.

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To bad about the pistol. My dad was in the Pacific from New Guinea to Japan and brought home a few items including a Japanese pistol. As he started having kids he gave the pistol to our neighbor who was the police chief in our little town. I'm going to guess my mom had something to do with that. So it was long gone before I knew anything about it. I share your awe about what these men did. It will never cease to amaze me, but that is why, to me at least, the term " Greatest Generation" really fits.

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