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South Carolina


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Although there are several stores selling new GI gear and tactical equipment, the main surplus players in Columbia, SC are the following:



Army Navy Surplus

Store1621 Main St, Columbia, SC 29201

Cross Streets: Between Taylor St and Blanding St

Neighborhoods: Downtown Columbia

(803) 252-1350

These guys are a landmark business in Columbia. They've been around since probably the late 70's, and can be recognized by the old deactivated anti-tank rifle chained up on the sidewalk. Lots of eclectic things, many from overseas. Since DRMO was privatized (a very sore subject with the owner), it's been tough for them to keep stocked with U.S. gear. They have a lot of camping supplies, and are a big destination around Halloween for the college crowd. There are occasional bargains, but these guys have been in the business for a long time, and they know what things are worth.


Reliable Loan Office & Pawn

1304 Assembly Street Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 252-7386

Pawn shop in front, Army Surplus in the back. Lots of uniforms with the previous owners' patches and insignia still affixed. Good selection of used BDU's and ACU's, along with an assortment of gloves, belts, kneepads, harnesses. Combination of new and used gear. The owner will normally shave off a couple of bucks if you like to barter.


Supply Depot

1623 Augusta Rd, West Columbia, SC 29169

(803) 796-9927

Very nondescript location, most easily identified by the old pickup truck parked outside. Owner is an Army Vet; his dad started the surplus business and still works the flea markets. The owner is also a collecter and is/was a reinactor. Place seems totally random and disorganized, but he knows what he has and where it's located. Lots of U.S. clothing and gear from WWII to current. Sometimes he has Rubber Ducks (US or Com-bloc USGI resin weapons used for training) , and other really cool items, but they go quickly. My favorite piece from his store is a great Ridgeway Cap which was manufactured right here in Columbia. His prices are very reasonable, and he will usually give you a deal.



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I'll be in and around Charleston, SC next week. Anyone know of good militaria dealers there?




I don't know of any good militaria dealers but I highly recommend going to see The Hunley exhibit. It is wonderful.


I also recommend going to Patriot's Point. It is great as well.



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I don't get to Charleston as much as I'd like, and usually am on a short leash when I go (wife and daughter...I'm totally outvoted). I hear there's an Army/Navy Surplus shop nearby in Summerville and there's the Camo Bunker in Charleston. These are Army Navy Surplus stores, and I don't have any personal experience with them. Nearby Air and Naval Bases raise the chances that local thrift and antique stores could yield some treasures. Otherwise, Patriot's Point, The Hunley and Ft. Sumter... all great historical tours. Enjoy your trip!

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Two places I know of in Upstate SC near Greenville;

Greenville Army Navy is pretty much an institution and has a small traditional army Navy shop in the historic West end. Not easy to miss it doesn't have too much old stuff but it does pop up from time to time


There is also a dealer at the "Barnyard Flea Market" in Greet on highway 101. He's there on Saturdays and has several cases with smalls and other items. Some really eclectic and interesting militaria. One bone of contention with me is that he has no prices on much of his stock and also that he's normally too busy talking with his cronies to even get a question in (like How much for?...) But it's still worth it and the flea mkt is under cover and interesting in it's own right


finally it can be hit or miss, but on Wednesdays in Pickens the pickens flea market has a good chance of finding militaria. This Flea Mkt is one of the few in the area that actually has and encourages antiques and old items, so I almost always find miltaria at bargain prices. I normally work Wednesdays so I don't mind giving up a honey hole


Good luck

Tom Bowers

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The army/navy store in Summerville is ok at best. The buyer is rarely in the store (always busy), so he has a friend working there for him. The store is more of a museum in a sense. Lots of cool items (SS dagger, SS helmet, untouched vietnam helmet, etc.) But it's not for sale. Mostly sells new things, but some good stuff pops up from time to time.

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Tarbridge Militaria in Fayetteville, NC is only a short drive and worth the day!

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...there's the Camo Bunker in Charleston.


Who is running The Camo Bunker now? And I too agree, the Hunley is worth the trip!

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I'd love to get some time to discover military stores in Fayetteville! I went to Jr High and HS there because my dad was stationed at Ft Bragg for six years. We retired in Columbia because he bought a house here when he was stationed at Ft. Jackson in the 1960's. The nature of the Ft. Bragg/Pope/Simmons military community would make for some great finds. Ft. Jackson is quiet and tame compared to Ft. Bragg. I keep wanting to get up there and explore some of their military and thrift stores, but don't get very much time off. When I get time off to go out of town, it is a family trip. I can't think of any premise to lure my wife and pre-teen daughter to Fayett-nam. A trip up there is high on my bucket list, though.

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