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Span-Am photo?

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Hi,received this photo that is supposedly from the Spanish American war.

Not a very interesting pose,in my opinion,but it does show some uniforms.

The picture is in terrible shape,and the scan isnt very good either,sorry!


The guy on the far left is wearing a campaign hat with what looks to be 11 over a G,and of course,crossed rifles.

11th regiment,Co. G,is what Im guessing.Aso has a US flag draped over his knee (Hopefuy not using it as a towel for shaving!!)

The guy in the center giving the shave is wearing a dark blue jacket with 3 buttons on the sleeve.

The guy getting the shave is wearing dark pants with khaki leggings.

The photo says "ROSHON,new studio,Harrisburg,PA"

The rear mentions Spanish American War 1898

The background scenery certainly doesnt look like Cuba,Puerto Rico,or The Phillipines.

Does anything in this photo line up with being from that time period?



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it looks like from that era but idk for sure. -ray

Ray LeMere


In Memory of -


Dale LeMere (grandfather) pre-Vietnam US ARMY

Charles Spiller (great grandfather) WW1 US ARMY

Charlie Spiller (great uncle) WW2 PARATROOPER


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That's interesting. I used to own a similar image and a field decorated campaign hat that was embroidered "Battlefield Barber."


Advanced Collector and USMC Officer --- Paying top dollar for quality Marine Corps antiques. Kepis, shakos, helmets, hats, good conduct medals, old photos, fighting knives, hat and collar emblems, swords, guns, documents. Keep your USMC item in a Marine Corps family! Send me a PM and let me know what you have....





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An unusual pose definitely from the Spanish American war era, there was no 11th Pa Infantry, so a closer look may reveal the regiment.

Well,upon closer inspection with a better magnifying glass it is 14 C rather than 11 G

Don't know if that helps any.

And am I right in assuming that the picture could be taken anywhere,and developed at the studio shown on the picture?

I'm completely dumb when it comes to the state of technology of this time period (And completely dumb when it comes to a lot of other things!!)

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The 14th PA:




Most likely taken at Camp Hastings vic. Mt Gretna, PA (about 35 miles East of Harrisburg). This was a training location for the PA National Guard.


It was typical for troops to assemble at a local camp and then muster into Federal service.


It is very common to find SAW images from these smaller Camps and larger training sites throughout the US. Local photographers went to the camps to make $$ as the soldiers were eager to document their wartime service.



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