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USN HBT Jacket

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Hello, this one comes out from my utter ignorance:

I've bought some time ago a USN sage green HBT jacket, mint conditions, assuming it was a repro from the start. I thought so because it was too mint to be a real ww2 relic; because of the relatively low price (it was sold by a vintage clothing shop, if I recall well. As a matter of fact, it completely lacks any 'telltale' scent); because it lacks USMC & EGA on the chest pocket (here comes my ignorance: I thought it was a defective replica of USMC P41 HBT).

It doesn't show any stamps except for a very unreadable shade left by some inscription in huge letters below the neck, which could be guessed as "USMC" but it could be as well some faded hand written ID Number/name or who knows what. Right below, hand written initials in block capital letters "E M", made with a thin felt marker that may look quite suspicious.

Tack buttons are blackened, glossy steel, five stars & a laurel wreath.

Un-pleated, no flaps Pockets are definitely rounded and the HBT pattern is clearly Army type. The cotton weave is excellent, right consistency & weight as the original P41 jacket I own, for instance.

The thread is very much the 'pea' green smooth thread which I deem as correct.

Why I don't post pictures instead of blabber?? Because I suck at taking pictures, it's a depressing matter.. but tomorrow I'll try with the daylight.

For now, I put a couple of snapshots which are useless but still could show some detail... my wonder: is it likely to be an authentic item? For the little I saw, they tend to be sold by the hundreds $, being absolutely minty I paid a quite modest price just like any other vintage jacket. Are there even copies around of that particular item? Maybe japanese...?

Thanks in advance for anyone who had the patience...




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not a repo from what I see. I recently picked up a group and there was a set of trousers and a different pattern jacket that had the Laurel impressed leaves on the buttons. The vet was a Navy doctor

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There is a repro made by WWII impressions, but he makes sure to mark them as repros.



Collecting WWI 26th Division Machine Gun and Infantry related Helmets, Equipment, Groupings, Photos and Dog Tags!


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There is a repro made by WWII impressions, but he makes sure to mark them as repros.




Wow, there are repros, whooda thunk? But it's not suprising because there were a couple of styles of Navy HBT's and he's making copies of the ones that were identical to Marine HBT's except for the stamps and buttons: stamping USN and sewing black buttons on the more popular Marine HBT's makes them Navy. Ironically you can find a genuine WWII Navy HBT shirt on ebay for less than the repro.







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Great avatar by the way........

Looking for: Fourth/ Seventh Rhode Island Infantry items

Purple Heart : Robert L. Freitag KIA ETO 2/11/45

Any US/German items with the last name "Freitag"

also, war-related posters


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Many thanks to all for the prompt and clarifyng answers; it didn't occur to me a bit to look for WW2imp, in spite of the fact that surely I went through their navy section more than once. Fortunately the differences are considerable, otherwise I'd been living in doubt for the rest of my life!

Thanks again


Great avatar by the way........


thanks! it's been taken before going "on mission" one morning -no fear the sky would fall over my head, since then!

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and this one finally ease my questions: the big writing erased by maniacal washings (I don't believe the garment had been used at all) was just the Size in big letters. Furthermore, the pics are done as nature intended and not like mine that look like taken in a obscure cave at candlelight. Yes, sometimes we don't take the time to research through the forum, it was easy; only that sometimes we want to hear from ...the grown-up ones!


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