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Post Your Medical Wings!

John Cooper

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Here is another pair of AMICO flight surgeon wings. THe interesting thing about these is that they are hallmarked 1/20th 10K Sterling. So, at some point they were intended to be gold plated, but never were.


I suspect that they were part of the stock run of wings that were intended to be gold plated, but when the regulations were changed to silver-colored flight surgeon wings, they were simple not gold plated and sold as they were.


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AECO gold flight surgeon wing, with some nice age to it and another gold flight surgeon wing of unknown manufacture.


Finally, a nice named flight surgeon bracelet. I was able to look this guy up in the American Medical Association (AMA) but can not show that he was actually a flight surgeon.


Those of you who want to do research on a doctor should use the AMA resources. Every year for the last 100 years or so, they publish a listing of all the MDs in the US. Typical information includes DOB, the name and years of medical School attended, location of practice, military service (if known) and medical specialty. Most large universities will have the AMA books available for reference. In almost all cases, I have been able to find a fair amount of information on a flight surgeon or military medical doctor, and to a lesser extent information on dentists (via the ADA). With a bit of sleuthing, you can follow a doctor's medical career from medical school to retirement.






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Brought this thread out of storage to post a couple of newly acquired Flight Surgeon examples...and maybe get some feedback. Is this bullion wing WWII era English made? It's heavily padded and very three-dimensional in appearance. It was removed from a four-pocket uniform jacket with a 9th Air Force bullion patch attached.


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Russ & John - very nice wings... I love that bullion.


Here is one from an old post... but wanted to share becuase it is sooo nice :)







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3” LGB gold Flight Surgeon marked LGB 1/20 10K GF. The caduceus is marked BALFOUR 1/20 10K GF.



That LGB Flight Surgeon has always been one of my favorites. It is a beautiful wing!

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