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Mannequin Cloth

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I recently purchased my first mannequins (torso forms) and I'm planning my display but have a couple of questions. I did a search but couldn't find an answer.


I've noticed that collectors often wrap their mannequins with fabric. I assume this is for presentation purposes and also preservation of the material being displayed. Am I correct in these assumptions? If so, is there a particular type of fabric that should be used, i.e. cotton, felt, flanel, etc.?


Thank you for your help.




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I don't know if it helps with preservation or not, I'm sure it couldn't hurt it though. However sometimes the displays have wacky bright colors to them which detract from the piece you're trying to display. Like here for instance, notice how the bright blue contrasts with my Admiral's uniform (I'm just too lazy to cover mine up lol). Good luck on your displays, I'm anxious to see what you do with them!



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I have used a small piece of velvet in complimentary color to cover that area and it looks nice, especially if you display a hat above it

I am eagerly collecting Pre-WWII USMC material. Any Marine Corps Span Am era, WWI, Banana Wars, or China Marine related material is especially sought after.




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I took another members idea and used stocking legs over my foam heads, and then had a bunch of the pelvic portions left, so I cut and stretched them over the exposed necks of my torso mannequins. Since the pelvises are thicker fabric, it worked well. I have the benefit of USMC dress uniforms having a closed collar, though, so I had very little exposed to begin with


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