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Maybe a new helmet for TR-1 pilots ?!?


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Hello all,


was sure having seen virtually the whole range of NASA/USAF high-altitude helmets, including the very latest - even I'm reading PDF the fantastic book "Dressing for Altitude" (2012) waiting for it to become available other ways, than only straight from NASA.

But this one, taken from Youtube I never noticed before. It looks to be a new pattern rather than some sort of upgrading/modifying the older S-1030 /S-1032 family of helmets by D. Clark. Also, a bit more compact than those - at least this my impression.

Does anyone of you know what could be?


Greetings from Italy - Franco. (pics' quality maybe not too good..)




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In this sense they all look like NASA helmets, starting from "MK"-series of USN full-pressure helmets of mid-'50s until the S-1035 worn by Space Shuttle crews. Actually the development began 60 years ago to give the USAF/Navy a reliable helmet, then things went parallel in the same time for NASA's benefit.

This helmet carries close resemblance to the S-1030/S-1031, but decidedly different in some details.

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Under Pressure

My answer may already be obsolete and way outdated but the pictures show David Clark S1034 PPA suit and helmet.

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