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(very) small diorama in Bastogne


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Thank you.


The boxes, binoculars and mackinaw come from the Bastogne's area (found by myself).





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Great job! Fantastic... Very impressive display and very realistic. I like the mannequins..


It takes you back in time. Looking at these pictures you almost feel the cold.

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It's wonderful that you honor the Americans who fought there. Do young people there learn about what happened in and around their town and how significant it was in helping to bring an end to the war? It seems like the people in Normandy are very aware and appreciative of what happened there in spite of the fact that it devastated their beautiful towns and countryside. Is it like that in Bastogne?

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful display. I too have the same question as Sundance: Are the children of today taught the history of yesterday?

Are they taught the occupation of their Country?...Or the Liberation of their Country or both? Both are of unique history to a person like myself, who desires

to understand the very feelings that existed under occupation... and the very elation that must have come after the liberation of your Country from your foes>





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