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AN6531 sunglasses makers


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I recently picked up a pair of Rochester Optical AN6531 sunglasses at an estate sale, marked under the bridge 'R.O.Co FUL-VUE 12,' identical to the ones shown here:




I was told they were worn by a USMC member during WWII (grain of salt). In researching who were the 'several makers' of these glasses during WWII, I found the below ad from a 1948 Popular Science, listing Bausch & Lomb, American Optical, and Chas Fischer. Another ad from the Kansas City Star (also 1948) apparently lists those three plus Rochester Optical; if someone has a subscription to Newspapers.com, please download and post the ad that's here:




Of these four makers, B&L and AO are apparently the most well known. Does anyone out there have a pair made by Fischer to show? As for the 'FUL-VUE' trademark, that's the frame design introduced by AO in 1930, with the earpieces connecting near the top of the lenses rather than the center. It was so successful that various other makers paid royalties to AO in order to use the design. On vintagesunglassesshop.com it is claimed that B&L AN6531's with the FUL-VUE mark are the earliest ones.





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