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Thanksgiving Day Menus - Post your own here!

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Aloha Everyone,


A while back we collected up all of the Christmas cards in one topic.


Feel free to add onto this one and show us what the soldiers, sailors & airmen of past service feasted upon.


I'll start with the Navy. USS COCOPA (ATF-101) homeported in Pearl Harbor but serving in the Western Pacific and Korean waters.


Thanksgiving November twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and fifty-two


USS COCOPA (ATF-101) Thanksgiving Menu 1952 001a.jpg

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The simplicity of this Thanksgiving Day menu, from the tanker O.M. BERNUTH, says much about the setting–a typed carbon copy. The BERNUTH was five days out from it’s destination of Casablanca and that there was a dinner at all seems remarkable. For many of the crew, just being alive was reason for giving thanks. In the Mediterranean, in the same month, American forces had successfully landed in North Africa and were advancing on the Germans. The O.M. BERNUTH sailed to Casablanca and Fedala to deliver tens of thousands of barrels of precious gasoline for the offensive. The men may have recognized that they were contributing greatly to the war effort, but always on their mind was the great peril of each convoy crossing. Would the next be one of no return? In 1942, more than 1600 Allied ships had been lost to the enemy.







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Back to November 15th, 1923 when Schofield Barracks was under construction, this is a very nice and elaborate menu


Headquarters Detachment and Combat Train

1st Battalion, 8th Field Artillery


who dined with


Headquarters Battery, 11th Field Artillery Brigade


Nice rear cover "Aeroplane" photograph of Schofield Barracks


8th Field Artillery HQ Schofield Barracks Thanksgiving 1923 01a.jpg

8th Field Artillery HQ Schofield Barracks Thanksgiving 1923 02b.jpg

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Here's a card I received for Thanksgiving in 1977 when I was stationed with the 1st Division in Germany. Unfortunately no menu is listed but as I recall it was the full Thanksgiving fare, and it was very good!






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Thanks for sharing that Kim, glad you kept it.


To finish off the components of the Hawaiian Division, here's the Air Corps.


This 1936 Thanksgiving Dinner menu is very elaborate in materials and construction to the others I have shown. It has a cover made from heavy cardstock and the flags, eagle and Tom Turkey are fully embossed and colored.




01a 75th Service Squadron Thanksgiving 1936.jpg

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The 75th Service Squadon, Air Corps, was organized at Schofield Barracks in 1930 and attached to the 18th Pursuit Group, the organic Air Corps component of the Hawaiian Division. In 1938 they were redesignated the Base HQ and 18th Air Base Squadron.


Squadron Headquarters


03a 75th Service Squadron Thanksgiving 1936 Squadron Headquarters.jpg

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