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Restoration of "Looking Glass" at Strategic Air and Space Museum


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... as well as a possible name change back to the "SAC Museum"! That's what everyone around here calls it anyway.




Photo is from the Omaha World Herald.



Lookng Glass.jpg

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I took these photos in 2013.


By the time their restoration is done, it will be in factory condition. They just need to put a few things back together.




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I did not notice this until after I posted it, but if you open up the photo gallery section of the article, the black and white photo is of the same aircraft! The caption reads: Two battle staff members remove classified material from a Looking Glass plane following a flight in 1981, the airborne command post’s 20th year of round-the-clock operation. (Photo credit World-Herald)


Check out the flight jackets, especially the one with the fur collar.


Looking Glass 2.jpg

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