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Modern Chaplain's Kit


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I picked up this modern Chaplain's Kit today from the flea market. I have never seen one before but I think it is complete and never used.

The carry case is stock number 9925-01-452-3887.


Components of the Chaplain’s Kit, Christian

NSN: 9925-01-305-3411

Bottle, Wide Mouth, Plastic (2 oz) 9925-01-450-8636

Bottle, Wide Mouth, Plastic (4 oz) 9925-01-455-4573

Bottle, Plastic, Press Lock Cap 9925-01-455-4569

Card, Absolution & Annointing 9925-01-455-4755

Card, Prayer 9925-01-455-3898

Chalice Assembly 9925-01-455-3914

(includes cup, base, intinction cup, and paten)

Corporal 9925-01-451-1890

Cloth, Finer Towel 9925-01-455-4583

Cross/Crucifix with base 9925-01-455-4572

Oil Stock 9925-01-455-4761

Reconciliation Stole 9925-01-455-4560

BDU Stole Woodland 9925-01-455-4590

Accessory Case 8465-00-935-6814

Priest Bread Container 9925-01-455-4549




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