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Star and Indian Head Insignia of the 2nd Infantry Division, AEF

world war I nerd

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Photo No. 40: 2nd Headquarters Troop – Star and Indian head on a yellow, shield shaped background.


Upper left: There’s no way to be certain, but this style of Indian head looks to be of the post war commercially made variety.


Lower Left: Also post war, most likely made in the 1920s.


Right: This well armed Doughboy’s insignia is made up of a yellow felt shield with a regulation style Indian head.


Doughboy photo courtesy of the John Adam-Graf collection

This patch is attached to a photo album that's dated 1919. It looks a lot like the one that is posted here. Post war yes, 1920s maybe not.post-3643-0-36911800-1564884430_thumb.jpg



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2nd trench mortar battery, a Soow of Shows 2020 find


The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made.

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It's hard to tell, but this likely Indian head has an axe below it. His discharge papers say 302 Inf Reg. Yet everything I've found says the 302nd fell under the 94th DIV.

At any rate, does the axe suggest a unit subordinate to 2ID?


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Welcome to the forum. I knew that I had seen the Star & Ship insignia in the past but could not find it in the search of my references.









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In November I posted a 1st Division, 2nd Engineer Battalion shoulder patch to see if it is real or fake and no replies so far.  So, is it fake or real?  If it is a fake, it is a good one.



0002nd Eng Regt, 2nd Bn-F.jpg

0002nd Eng Regt, 2nd Bn-R.jpg

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