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Kill the moth, not the sheep !

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I recently purchased a pair of Pattern 40 RAF boots to put on my USAAF display. They are pretty nice except that it is covered with moth inside (on the sheepskin part). I already vacuumed it gently. Do you know a way to kill the moth without damaging the sheepskin part ?


Thanks for your help



Looking for a pair of E1 heated gloves







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I don't know if that could damage the sheepskin or not, but some time in the freezer is a good way to get rid of moths ... if your freezer is big enough of course.



Collecting USMC AEF 1917-18 & PTO 1941-45, US Navy PTO 1941-45.


Most seeked items : USMC dog tags from 1915 to 1945, USN corpsman dog tags and other identified items, USN id'd M1 helmets.




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I put wool uniforms in a plastic garbage bag, then stick them in the deep freeze for a week. I then take them out and warm up for 24 hrs to let any remaining larvae hatch. Then put the bag back in the freezer for another 48 - 72 hrs to kill anything that is left. This works for me.






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I'd advise caution if you are going to freeze the boots, the rubber bonding around the edge may not react well to being frozen. Personally I'd seal them in a plastic bag for a while with some moth killer strips.



Collecting WWII and pre-war Air Corps items-Unit Histories,Uniforms,Medals and Groupings.

*Seeking Pre-WWII Air Corps Officers and Enlisted Dress Uniform items!*




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Most at home freezers do not get cold enough to really kill all the eggs.


You best bet, is to make an airproof container- and put your items in it, along with one of those yellow no pest strip things. They slowly release a chemical that zaps bugs nervous systems, but are really not hazardous to people unless you eat them or have them in a very confined space. But do not allow the yellow material to touch any cloth or anything.


Leave it in there for a while.


This works as a fumigation chamber and kills everything. anything at all wool that comes into my house goes though my chamber.

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If there's leather I would avoid the freezer, the drastic and rapid humidity change expand and immediately contrast the leather. Too dry is not good for leather too moist is not either but what's worse is rapid short term humidity fluxuations


Always looking for quality WWI and WWII USMC items. Particularly 4th Marine Brigade related items, medals, uniforms helmets ephemera, Also WWII USMC items including uniforms, medals, etc. to combat veterans especially Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Iwo Jima. Let me know what you have. Semper Fi

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