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USAF family services volunteer uniform


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Ran across this on ebay the other day and thought it was interesting... my mom was a member of FS back in the '80s but I don't recall a uniform, perhaps a polo shirt?

This uniform consists of a blouse, skirt and belt. No tags inside besides a dry cleaners.

Tried looking up more information on this uniform, I hadn't found too much about it, I did however, find a photo from 1968 of it being worn and another uniform that was sold a few years ago.

Would anyone happen to have any information on this uniform? Maybe a guidebook or handbook? I would love to know what the single stripe on the left sleeve means.


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This is the other uniform that had been sold a few years ago on etsy. I don't know if the red belt goes with the uniform, though it does look similar to the other one. Perhaps it might have something to do with the red stripe under the volunteer patch?



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I'm a retired AF SP (Now referred to as SF) and have never seen a Family Services uniform. Very cool. Also love the photo of your AP/SP'/SF collection on another thread. Good Stuff!

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