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U.S. Army Labor Svc. Baltic Commemorative & Honor Insignia

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Here is an interesting and not often seen badge. These companies were formed by the U.S. Army at the end of WW2. This badge being for units coming from the Baltic Countries. The cloth and metal insignia of these multi-national units shows up from time to time and is collected by a number of individuals. This particular badge display the colors of the U.S, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. MLS stands for Military Labor Service. It is numbered on the back 2073 and measures 3" x 1 3/4. A document would normally accompany this award listing the issuing number of the badge. Here is a quick little blurb describing the early labor and guard service formations as well as this particular labor and guard companies. These units would serve for many years following the war

"Following the end of World War II the allies faced numerous problems
in post-war Europe. Among these problems were the millions
of war refugees and thousands of ex-servicemen who had served
in the German armed forces and had now been taken
prisoner. The U.S. Army’s solution to the problem was to enlist these refugees and place them into guard and labor companies. The first Labor Service Companies in West Germany were set up in the summer of 1945 using liberated Polish prisoners of war
Most of these men would be used in the guarding of German POWs. Many of these early recruits were also ex-Free Polish soldiers
In December of 1946 General Joseph Taggart McNarney Commanding General of
The U.S. Forces in the European Theater of Operations and Commanding
General of the Office of U.S. Military Government, Germany gave permission
To form the Baltic Labor Service Companies. The first two platoons of Baltic guards
Were established by U.S. Army Major Nathan Moxley who was then in charge
Of physical security of U.S. Army installations in the Nuremberg-Fuerth
By the end of 1946 three companies from the Baltic countries had been formed.
4204 Lithuanian, 90 (later 8920th) Latvian, and 92 (later 4221st)
Estonian. Each unit was composed of 8 officers and 268 men.
Of the many noteworthy missions of the early Baltic Companies was the guarding
Of German war criminals at the Nuremberg Prison."



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If anyone has other Army Labor Svc insignia please post.


This is the German Labor Service, Service Badge. Normally awarded to members, however my Father was awarded this as a Master Sergeant, US Army while assigned to 555th Engineer Group, Karlsruhe, Germany in 1960.






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Here is a little grouping my dad picked up at a local estate sale this last weekend.


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Received a small LS grouping with a M 51 field jacket and some patches today. Within the lot a bullion variation of the commemorative badge for the grey LS dress uniform. Interestingly the back of the badge and an accompanying "6-years- service" patch are stamped with a four-digit number. I suppose that this is the unit's number. Or could it be some kind of service number? Any information on this would be highly appreciated.




18 LS 01.jpg


18 LS 03.jpg

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