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aircraft carriers on the great lakes during WW2- yes

mike wayne

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I have a WW2 Navy Good Conduct Medal in my collection to a sailor that served aboard Sable Or Wolverine. However, can't remember which one.




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Well the Marine pilot who told me that may not have known as much as you do. He quoted the figures for crosswind; I think it was about five degrees but that's been many years ago and the exact numbers weren't important enough to stick in my memory. He brought up the subject of the Great Lakes carriers requiring a greater crosswind angle; something he must have been told by the old-timers he flew with. It was interesting hearing him talk about carrier qual in those days and the somewhat casual attitude towards accidents. He said they had plenty of SNJ's parked in the desert so they weren't going to wash you out for pranging one if you'd gotten as far in your training as carrier qual. One guy killed himself in his third accident trying to carrier qual and after that he said they got a little tougher. I will add that he was Korean War vintage so he wasn't using angled decks for SNJ, F6F, F4U & AD.With angled decks, the ship is crosswind but the deck is straight into the wind.




I came across an article written by a Corsair pilot about carrier landings. He cites a 10 degree crosswind.




It would have been interesting if he also had discussed night landings. I recall a former F6F pilot commenting on how much easier night carrier landings are today compared to WWII.


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