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Show your Sterling Wings


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I figured I would add the typical over-looked post-WWII Navigator's wing. I got this for Christmas when I was 12. I can hear the echo of those Pratt & Whitney R-4350s of B-36 past ringing in my ear....;)





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John Cooper

Nice wing - I have a Balfour made version. I have actually considered expanding into the the early USAF at least to cover the Korean War.



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Here are a couple more of my sterling wings. The top ones aren't really "wings" in the pure sense but they are worn where wings would be wotrn. They're gold (officer) and silver (enlisted) PT Boat badges and both are sterling; the officer one with gold overlay. I don't think they were officially allowed to be worn on the blouse and jumper but they were on both of the uniforms when I got them.


The bottom picture shows a sterling Marine SCUBA qualification badge over a pair of gold over sterling Marine para wings. These, of course, are Vietnam era.






I was wondering if you could post a photo of the back of your USMC paratrooper wing. Is it marked "sterling" or does it have the manufacturer's name or maybe a number or logo?

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I am surprised to read through six pages and not find one pair of wings made by Luxemburg. When I retired on disability in 1992, I took up volunteering at our local hospital. After getting to know me for a couple years, one of the ladies I worked with presented me with her husband's uniform jacket. Howard was gone and their kids didn't care. He had been a pilot in the 3rd AF. I believe mainly an instructor pilot. Anyhow, soon thereafter (now about ten years ago), I was telling a fellow collector of her generosity and the fact the wings on the uniform were from a maker I didn't recognize. When I told him Luxemburg, he had a kitten! "Luxemburg? Do you have any idea what you have there?!?" By his reaction, you would have thought I had discovered the Holy Grail.


Ten years later, I have learned that Luxemburg wings are somewhat rare but I don't feel they are the "find of the century" Rich made them out to be. Anyhow, what is important is they are Howard's wings and will remain with his uniform long after I am dead and gone.


Tom thumbsup.gif


Wow, I really love the look of these. Absolutely beautiful. ;)

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