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Really BIG patches - Jacket size and larger


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Salvage Sailor

USS BAGLEY (FF-1069) A GANG Engineering (Snipes) patch, 12" wide.  


Your local handi-man, We handle the load....when no one else can


FF 1069 004 A Gang.jpg


FF 1069 005 A Gang.jpg


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Salvage Sailor

ARD-12 Class Auxiliary Repair Dock:  Laid down in 1944, at Pacific Bridge Co., Alameda CA.
Placed in service in 1944 at Naval Repair Base San Diego, CA.
Commissioned, USS ARD-29, 23 June 1945, LT. Hector Phillips, USNR, in command
During WWII USS ARD-29 served at San Diego and after World War II she served at Guam and Okinawa until transferred to the Submarine Base Pearl Harbor
Returned to Guam to serve from 1959 to 1971
Named USS Arco (ARD-29), 28 March 1967 at NAVSTA Guam, M.I. 
Decommissioned, 1 November 1971
Transferred on loan to Royal Iranian Navy, renamed Drydock No. 400
Struck from the Naval Register in 1977

Still serving in the Iranian Navy as Drydock No. 400


USS ARCO (ARD-29) 10" Vietnam era jacket patch made in Japan circa 1967-1971


USS ARD 29 001.jpg


USS ARD 29 002.jpg



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Picked this up recently which is about 11" X 14" and mounted on a paper backing due to a sticky adhesive on the back of the patch.  I'm guessing it is a back patch with the adhesive used to keep the patch in place before sewing.



DSCF0748 - Copy.JPG

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I Hate Moths


US Naval Advisory Group

Chinhae  Korea

The patch measures 4.5 wide and 6.5 height. It is on an N4 deck jacket.

I do not know the time frame of it's use. The jacket belonged to Roy J. Sinnott, who was an Army veteran during WWII. He joined the Navy after his discharge, and had served for many years.




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Salvage Sailor

Chinhae is a ROKN homeport and it was a regular stop for the Salvage forces from the 1950's through the 1980's primarily to train the ROKN and for Liberty.  The USNAG had a small contingent there, mostly supply, logistics and Seabees.  I've been there several times and it's a small place, two lane bowling alley, Duffy's Tavern & 'entertainment'. 


I'd say this patch and the USN deck jacket is circa mid-1960's to early 1970's (Vietnam era)


Fleet Activities, Chinhae had its origin as a US Naval Advisory Group in 1946. The Command was subsequently established as a detachment of the Naval Component of the US Naval Advisory Group for the Republic of Korea. Upon reorganization in July 1969, the Command became the first Fleet Detachment, Naval Station, Joint US Military Advisory Group Korea (JUSMAG-K).
In 1972, the Command was reorganized as the Chinhae Facility. US Naval Forces Korea and Fleet Detachment, Naval Section, JUSMAG-K broke out to become a tenant activity. The activity, renamed in 1972 as Field Logistics Center, Chinhae, was disestablished in 1988. The Chinhae Facility was reorganized as Commander, US Naval Forces, Korea Detachment, Chinhae in 1978. Reorganization in 1984 established Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae with Commander, US Naval Forces, Detachment Chinhae as a tenant activity.






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Salvage Sailor

The older, larger (7") and groovier version of 

Destroyer Development Group Two (DesDevGru 2)

The guinea pig destroyers used as test beds for the Atlantic Fleet


Destroyer Development Group Two 003.jpg


Destroyer Development Group Two 004.jpg


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Salvage Sailor
On 3/9/2019 at 7:09 AM, hink441 said:

Really nice 11" diameter Tractor King patch. Used but still in good shape.


I believe this one is from the USS Enterprise CVN-65 westpac cruise.


This is a pretty unique patch. The tractor King is a young Petty Officer (usually E-5) who is in charge of all the tow tractors on the flight deck. He wears a yellow jersey and blue float coat and blue helmet.






Here is a picture of a group of four tractors on the flight deck. If you notice the "Tractor King" is the driver of the second tractor from the left. Ready to go during recovery of aircraft.






Here's an older 8" TRACTOR KING patch from the 'Top Gun', USS RANGER (CVA-61)


CVA 61 USS RANGER Tractor Kings Repair 8 002.jpg


CVA 61 USS RANGER Tractor Kings Repair 8 003.jpg


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