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Steps in history : 83rd Division at Vilshofen/Bavaria, summer 1945


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Visited the town of Vilshofen/Bavaria this year, in summer 1945 the 83rd division was there for occupation duty, HQ at Vilshofen, 329th at Deggendorf, 330th at Wolfstein, 331 at Grießbach. Had only time to visit Vilshofen. At the town hall there is a little exhibition with pics from Tony Vaccaro.


The first pic I noticed was easy to find, he made it from the old bridge over the Vils river, looking to "Kloster Schweiklberg" (Schweiklberg monastery) top of the hill. Here the same in 2014, the wall for protecting the houses was build in the 60th.


The next pic of Mr. Vaccaro was more difficult, must ask some people there.


The bridge over the Danube river was destroyed by german troops at this time, so they build a temporary ferry over the river. Today there is a ferry 10 kilometres south of Vilshofen, but this place is not the one shown in the picture. Here a modern view, the little peninsula at right was build with the new street beside.


Seen are the isles in the middle of the Danube river, at right is the estuary of the Vils river.

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There are two more pics I found the locations, both showing a wedding at Vilshofen. This is the first:


It`s the church "Maria Hilf" at Vilshofen, the wedding procession walks down the street to the Old Town of Vilshofen. This is the church today, there are still weddings.


The next place is 100 metres next, the old - and now - revenue office of Vilshofen.




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