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Silent Service - The USN Submarine Forces


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Salvage Sailor

USS TULLIBEE (SSN-597) In service 1960 to 1988. 

She was a very unique submarine as she was was the smallest nuclear-powered attack submarine in the fleet




Tullibee was the result of Project Nobska, a study ordered in 1956 by Admiral Arleigh Burke, then Chief of Naval Operations, from the Committee on Undersea Warfare of the National Academy of Sciences. That report emphasized the need for deeper-diving, ultraquiet submarine designs using long-range sonar to accomplish the anti-submarine (ASW) 'hunter-killer' mission. Tullibee incorporated three design innovations inspired by Project Nobska.  First, it incorporated the first bow-mounted spherical sonar array. This required the second innovation: angled torpedo tubes amidships. Thirdly, Tullibee was propelled by a very quiet turbo-electric transmission powered by a S2C reactor and producing 2500shp


During her career, Tullibee achieved much and conducted many submarine firsts. During her commissioned service she submerged and surfaced 730 times and traveled approximately 325,000 nautical miles (602,000 km; 374,000 mi) equal to the distance from the earth to the moon and halfway back.

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Salvage Sailor

USS ARCHERFISH (AGSS-311) Balao class in service 1943 to 1968

Dedicated to 'Operation Sea Scan'  a scientific and oceanographic survey of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans from 1958 to 1964 






and her "non PC" patches too



USS ARCHERFISH (AGSS-311) Playboys of the Pacific - They had a 100% bachelor complement and the "COMHOGPAC Staffers" refers to their chasing "Hogs" in every Westpac liberty port.




If you look up their history you'll see that they kept photos of their conquests on a tote board for all to see, with the consent of their CO....something that would never happen today.

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