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WWII-era field gear from a friend


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Good buddy of mine from my days in the 82nd ABN DIV is stationed here at Fort Polk w/ me, and we both went to recon an upcoming reenactment for the 73rd anniversary of the 1941 Louisiana Maneuvers. After we finished the site survey & I dropped him off at his quarters, he gave me this...


Can't see any markings on the cartridge belt, but I think its an obvious post-WWII era - canteen covers are 1945 & 1958 dated



Fairly intact can of lubricating oil - any way to tell date on these?



1945 dated First Aid Kit - "assuming" this is a Jungle Kit - with original items still in it. My buddy Paul said when he was stationed at Fort Campbell, he found this on his doorstep w/ a note from a neighbor saying that they knew he collected WWII gear & decided to leave it with him - now he's passed it along to me - Question, would these items be in the original packing list for the kit?








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