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My major military auction 1 Nov. WWI to Modern.

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No WAY I'd ever blame you. You did all you could.

As a collector yourself, you know it's not the money but the LOSS of the item being separated after 70 yrs. This lot is a "keeper" for our women in the service collection. I think "MOORE" was her name if anyone sees this for sale anywhere. They can't sell it on Ebay without me seeing it and I'll be at several southern shows plus the SOS and will be looking.

I just can't figure out the fact they found the hat and nothing else. If a person was going to steal something why put the hat down......of course, I'm wondering just WHAT hat I will receive! Probably some KW era man's hat. lol

Take care and I'll keep you posted if anything else happens. Ray at the auction was gracious enough to take his commission off the price so we ALL lost something. He feels really bad about what happened but this just might be a wakeup call to him.


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PM sent to you.

My friends, my heroes. You will never be forgotten.

Jason Gonzalez- June 5, 2005

Keith Mariotti- June 30, 2005

Jason West- July 24, 2006

Carlos Martinez- April 25, 2009

Patrick Hamburger- August 6, 2011

Kevin Hatcher- March 29, 2012

David Chu- June 23, 2013

Steven Keech- September 15, 2013

Mark Armijo- March 6, 2019



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I'm a little late to the post-auction part. There were some nice things I would have bid on had I been able to figure out how to do it.


Were there reserves on any items that weren't met? Or was everything sold?

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