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IDENTIFIED: circular SHAEF colored AE with 2x chain links and star


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Finally received this from Holland today in the mail. It is a larger patch than I thought, as it is a tad over 3.5" in diameter. It does not glow. This one appears to have been taken out of a scrap book and it was sold to me by a aviation patch company out of Holland.




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Does a 3.5" patch seem sort of big to have on a shoulder? I have seen some very large train bn patches on uniform jackets though. I really do not know. I am guessing too.

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Many years ago there was a thought that this was some sort of radio unit that put out propaganda messages to mess with the Germans. Similar to the Ghost armies.


I thought someone turned up a photo one time showing this painted on a wooden sign.

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Since it's clearly a post WWII patch with some kind of association with USAEUR, can these folks be contacted to find out?


Also if you look at the left side menu, they have a Mystery Patch topic, but of all the patches thus far submitted there seems to be no ID :wacko:

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I also have had this patch for 4 years and just found it today listed on ebay, mine is from an old collection that was not added to after mid 80's

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Interesting. Sort of goes with what BOB C. stated...a unit that did some stuff over the radio waves. Sounds like some CI to me.


This reproduction is listed as "US Army Europe USAEUR Military Counter Intelligence CI Command



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I asked the people at the usarmygermany website and this was their response:


"The USAREUR Historian contacted me about a year ago asking if I had ever seen this one. Nobody seems to know anything about it - everybody is just guessing. That seems strange and leads me to believe it is NOT an authentic or authorize patch.... But I might be proven wrong at some point. Time will tell."

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I don't comment when I don't know the answer, but this may give some direction. A now deceased collector friend of mine was watching the History Channel in the mid 90s when the channel first started. There was a B & W film segment on some long forgotten show that depicted some American GIs sitting at a commo (telephone) switchboard, and at least one of them was wearing this patch on his left sleeve. I can tell you, based upon what I do know about collecting, is that the single white star is probably for a single campaign credit during the war. I have searched combos of the letters for years; nothing in 672-1 helps, either. It is probably not an authorized patch, either. or else TIOH would help.


Am not saying this was a signal corps unit, because almost every unit had a commo section - but not with multiple telephones/operators. It may take someone going to NARA and looking at every SC bn/co photo and the caption will finally answer the question. Or, we get incredibly lucky and some tenacious and studious collector hits the bricks.


ASMIC, and the collecting world lost a heck of a SC collector last year, Col. David Kyle, but even he did not know.

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Here's a pic I have from a uniform with one of these patches. It's on an Ike jacket, so it can't be from later than 1958. I had one years ago no with no brass- mine and this one had the patch in question on the right shoulder.

From the USAREUR website:

30 JUNE 1954

15th QM Bn
22nd QM Co (Subs Sup)
462nd QM Co (Ldry)
520th QM Co (POL Sup) (Mbl)
562nd QM Det (Svc)

and later.....

(Source: Unit History, 2nd Quartermaster Group, APO 154, c. 1956)

The 14th Quartermaster Battalion located in Munster, Germany, Northern Area Command, has the mission of supporting V Corps in its tactical mission.

22nd Quartermaster Company
(Subsistence Supply) (-1 Plat) Provides one section daily for Hanau Sub-Area Class I breakdown.

134th Quartermaster Company
(Bakery) Provides approximately one and one half platoons for operation of Darmstadt Sub-Area Bakery, which is a fixed German Bakery.

506th Quartermaster Company
(Petroleum Supply) A relatively newly activated unit and at present is in a training status with no general support training mission. Contemplated future utilization is in support of 3rd Armored Division.

525th Quartermaster Company
(Petroleum Supply) Provides Class III support for Northern Area Command on call.

and lastly........

(Source: 7th Army Annual History)
ORGANIZATION (30 June 1958):

HHD, 14th QM Bn Muenster (Darmstadt)
22nd QM Co (Subs Sup) Hanau
134th QM Co (Bakery) Hanau
506th QM Co (Petrl Sup) Muenster
7764th QM Co (PS) Hanau

Subs Sup . . . Subsistence Supply

Petrl Sup . . . Petroleum Supply

PS . . . . Parts Supply

It might be answer but still doesn't explain the patch. Could the "AVE" really just be "AE" as in Alpha Echo? if you convert that to numbers it would be "15". And from the 1954 list above we see the 22nd QM Co was in the 15th QM Battalion. Bill


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