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Last weekend I visited my brother, who moved to Stuttgart recently. On my way I suddenly passed a road sign reading PATTONVILLE >>>. Well, a rather unusual name for a German city. Doing some short recce, locally and online, I learned that this district of Kornwestheim/Ludwigsburg was a U.S. housing area until 1993. And that's how it looks today:




Some interesting pics of the nearby Airfield:




Any cold war veterans and former Pattonville-inhabitants out there? Greetings to all of you & thank you for your service over here!



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Wow! That looks so typical of US bases overseas. Many of those housing areas look like the ones at Smith Barracks in Baumholder. You can pretty much make out what must have been the school. administrative buildings and a power plant. I imagine the long building in the center was probably the PX and Commissary.


1950's urban planning at its best! If you think about it, the overseas housing areas were self contained model towns. A civic planner's dream assignment.

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Omaha, NE
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