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USS Lexington CV-16 Naval Architect Commissioning Plaque Bethlehem Ship Yard 1943 Dated


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I came across this heavy wooden plaque for the U.S. S. Lexington CV-16 in a local antique shop and following extensive research was able to confirm that this was from the estate of the late daughter of the Naval Architect and Engineer who was the Superintendent of Engineering at the Bethlehem Fore River Ship Yard in Quincy, Mass. He started at the yard in 1934 and wroked there until 1964 moving to Washington DC to work for the Navy's Bureau of Ships. He's buried at Arlington National Cemetery along with his wife who was a Navy Lt. Cmdr. The plaque is extremely heavy tighly grained wood measuring @ 20 3/4" in width and 10" in height with the letting carved into the wood. It's likely that this was presented to him upon the commissioning of the Lexington on 17 February 1943 and mirrors a plaque to be found on the ship. If anyone can shed any light on this plaque and if there is still a similar bronze one on the ship which is now a museum in Texas I would appreciate it.











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I can not add any additional info here, but that is an impressively beautiful plaque. I like these types of items and I would have snatched that plaque up in a heart-beat!!!



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