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Desert Storm Question

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hello, theres a person on ebay who is selling m16 mags for 10-15 bucks a mag. i'll get you the link if you want it, let me know.

Naw, that's ok. Preciate it though.


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Just an aside on the woodland Bdus and boot options.

The woodland camo BDUs were tested by the 2nd of 75th Rangers spring of 82 I got my first 2 sets 3 months before Grenada,which was Oct.83,we were allowed to wear the pickle suits (OD green fatiques till Jan. 84.We were issued the black leather combat boots and being in Wa. state were issued one pair of green jungle boots,We often private purchased black jump boots and had them re-soled with what were known as moonboot treads.Many of the troops (U.S. Army) rotating back from Germany came back to Ft. Lewis and brought back German combat boots which became known as Ft. Lewis boots,a number of desert storm pics I saw at the time showed some troops in them.My flak jacket was actually a vietnam issue green vest.My M-16a1 was made by Harrington and Richards and my 1911a1 was made by Singer,commo men and heavy weapons crews were issued the .45s.Even during Desert Storm,the M-60 tank guys had M-3 grease guns.Sorry to get off post,but with it being mentioned thought I'd chip in.

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