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Goodwill, pawn shop and yard sale finds

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Went to Goodwill Saturday and found the helmet, display, shovel cover and Navy top. I usually don't get Navy uniforms but liked the Japanese type design on the cuffs. Picked up the Ka - bar at a local pawn shop. I can make out the name Lief but not the rest. The map opens up and there is writing in pencil through it. I forgot to photo that part. The one rifle is a M1 Crossman bb gun and the other is a Kadet trainer. I have no idea what the green thing is. I got that the kadet rifle, map, ring, and link machine from an old guy I k ow who likes to find things for me. I could not tell him I didn't want it. The paper is just a local paper I found for a quarter.








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Thanks for all the information. I Google the name on the knife but could not come up with anything. I appreciate the info on him.

It might be a long shot with the dragons on the sleeve of the uniform but would that have anything to do with Operation Sea Dragon? I looked up the ships name from the shoulder USS New Port News and see that in 1967 they were in operation Sea Dragon.

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