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B-8 Army Air Force Parachute WWII Dated

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Hello All!

I don't get on here as much as I would like to anymore, but here is one of my recent acquisitions from a friend clearning out his barn of long time antique purchases (which lucky for me sometimes includes military items). The rig is in great shape for its age, the lines are uncut, the parachute is in decent shape with a few freys. I'm still on the fence whether I'd like to keep this for my collection or if I'd like to let it go considering I've been thinning out the collection in preparation to have to fit it in a smaller place in D.C. Should I decide to sell it, what is a fair asking price for something like this? Thank you all for your help.




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That's a very nice setup. I'd guess $850-$1200 as far as a retail value. Since you've got photos of the canopy I'm thinking it would be much more saleable if it were packed. Not many collectors have the space to effectively display a deployed canopy. Thanks for giving us a look at it! HTH



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When I got my B8 it also was unpacked. I spent a fun filled afternoon learning to be a parachute packer. It may not be perfectly packed, but it's all tucked into its case.




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