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Fixing Zippers?

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Hi Everyone!


Quick question as the title states: Anyone have a good method for fixing a zipper? I'm looking at picking up a field jacket that has a stuck zipper. Any successful methods on how to get it working again?


I did some research online and came across some interesting methods that supposedly work, just not with 70 year old field jackets! I might try one and let you guys know. But until then, I want to hear some of tried and true ways you guys have fixed a zip.




Looking for anything related to Army Ranger Battalions from World War II

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This is pretty standard advice, but for the most part, a stuck zipper can only have its symptoms treated - and likely gets progressively worse with use. The most common advice you'll hear is to wax the zipper teeth (with candle wax), and that's said to help alittle. I have never done this (the wax treatment), but my experience with old vintage jackets (2 USN N1s, and a few 40s jacket with Conmar bell zippers), I find it helps to learn the "personality" of the zipper and learn the nuisance that zips and unzips it - i.e. pull the tab so that it leans to the left/right/front/back all the way through as you zip up/down, or hold the zipper side taught, etc.


If it is too troublesome, you might want to source NOS or repurposed period zippers on the 'bay - they seem to come and go frequently, but can be expensive. I once found an old sunburst style Conmar zipper used on old bomber jackets at an estate sale, and sold it at a 100$ BIN within the day - so, case and point. Hope this helps some!

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