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My Friend's Collection


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those has unfortunately only the M1 visor. For 600 euros you would have received one with the Lyman-visor. > Here


Is however nevertheless a beautiful weapon. thumbsup.gif




Thank you for posting

But this one came with a belgian dewat certificate and stamps , and as you maybe know

frenchies does not recognize the belgian way of " dewatting" weapons

Belgians does not acknowledge the french way of doing same

and Germany and UK only recognize their own proof


Long life Europe... and their laws


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Johan Willaert
those has unfortunately only the M1 visor.


I don't think it's unfortunate this one doesn't have the Adjustable Rear Sight. The fixed sight is made by Lyman too and marked accordingly.

The late M28A1's made by Savage, without cooling fins and equipped with the later fixed rear sight, are actually a very nice and collectable version of this SMG.

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@ teufelhund: here there are also certificates for deko weapons. but one must not have.


@ Johan Willaert: the shown version is also beautiful. and surely more rarely. I wanted to have my 1928er only with lyman. I like all thompsons marvelously.


Daniel :D

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