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Army cot

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I have the same one. Id assume they were used as a bed in the field but im not sure every guy would carry one of these.


Would love to hear peoples thoughts on this!


Matt's Military


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This cot isn't military. The canvas should be either Tan or Green depending on age. Also military cots use two securing straps not one, and I've never seen one that is camouflage.

Always looking for WW1 28th Division; anything, papers, field gear, uniforms, etc.


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The wood frame looks military (I have half a dozen cots including a couple unpainted ones that are all military and they look just like this) with what is possibly a replacement canvas. The camo straps are WWII era USMC pack straps that someone stapled onto the frame.


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I was in an Air Force Mobile Communications Group and we spent a week a month on a Bare Base. A tent city would be put up with trucks carring tents, cots, ang lighting dropping their loads off where the tent was to go up. I can't remember how many GP Mediums we would put up, but they had a team with ropes and spray paint mark where the tent pegs went so everything was in neat rows. Cots do sink in the mud.



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so the strap is worth more than the whole cot probably?


No I'd say the cot is even if it's not military.

Grandson of Command Sergeant Major Max I Gray U.S Army

Also grandson of CWO-3 Arthur WillIam Seabury jr. USMC




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Manchu Warrior

I say civilian, just my 2 cents.

In memory of.....
SSG Jarred S Fontenot US Army KIA Baghdad, Iraq 10-18-07 RIP my friend-Charlie Three Three Delta Out


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It should be marked under the cot on the canvas near the head or foot depending...but on the bottom of the cot canvas...never seen a US stamp on the wood...could be I missed it though...the end pieces would have the strap securing straps on them too....


The WWII cot would have the tan/khaki canvas...in the 50's they switched to painted od wood and a green canvas material

and the modern version nylon and aluminum frame...the model I prefer...nothing worse than setting up a WWII cot and having the cotton rip down the center...gotta lay off dem donuts :rolleyes:

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To help protect the original canvas from ripping fold a blanket length wise and wrap the cot around the width. You'll need two blankets; one where your back will lay ad one for your legs. I've done this with an already torn canvas and it has not torn any further. This functions under the same principle as making a stretched using wood and blankets and helps to distribute weight.




I collect US Army militaria (WWI thru Vietnam). I also collect the history that I have been a part of...Saudi Arabia/Iraq (ODS/ODS), Haiti (OUD), Bosnia (OJE), Iraq (OIF), Afghanistan (OEF 8 and 10), Horn of Africa (OEF), Qatar/Oman (OEF), Germany, Puerto Rico, Italy/Yugoslavia (OPP), Vietnam (4 yrs POW/MIA investigation team).

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