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Naval Aviation Observer Wings

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Naval Aviation Observer Wings

The Naval Aviation Observer (NAO) designation had its origin in an act of Congress on 12 July 1921, which created the Bureau of Aeronautics and provided that its chief qualify within one year of his appointment as an “aircraft pilot or observer.” The functions and qualifications for an observer were first defined on 27 March 1922; on 17 June of the same year, Rear Admiral William A. Moffett became the first to qualify for the designation as a Naval Aviation Observer. The 1922 Uniform Regulations, approved 20 September, provided that officers designated as Naval Aviation Observer wear the same insignia as that worn by Naval Aviators, except with the right wing and shield removed and an “O” superimposed on the foul anchor.



1921-1927 Naval Aviation Observer


A 26 January 1927 change to the 1922 Uniform Regulations (Change Number 3) modified the Naval Aviation Observer design and changed it to the same insignia worn by Naval Aviators except that it was to be in silver.





Unfortunately, the link will not work unless you have access to a .mil computer.


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Very nice - do you have any macro shots you can share?


My notes tell me that there were three styles for the Navy Observer.


1st style or pattern (Gold) 1922

2nd style or pattern (Silver) (auth Aug 1926 - Sept 1929)

3rd style or pattern (Gold\Silver) (auth Sept 28th 1929)


Please correct any of my mistakes as I have yet to dive into Navy wings of this era.



Always looking for Wings & Named Air Medals!

Motto: To Collect, Preserve, and Remember!







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