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WWII Mechanic Badge


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I am looking to get a Mechanic Badge from the early WWII-era. I'd like the bar for a plane mechanic. Would that be an "AP Mechanic" bar? I know there are a lot of different bars! Also, what would a good price range be? I know they are sterling. Also, are there often restrikes on the market? Or are they most often originals? Thanks for any pointers!

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There are plenty of originals out there and dont know if I ever saw a restrike of this one but im sure they are out there too. Priced around $40-$50 is what I see them at.


Hope that helps

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One other question on this topic. I saw that there is an "Aerial Gunner" bar for the Technician Badge. What would be the difference to being able to wear the bar on a Technician badge or wearing Air Crew/Aerial Gunner wings?

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