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PT-109 Purple Heart grouping with John Kennedy letter

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I don't mean to go off on a rant but 25% buyers premium, when is this madness going to end? How is it that auction houses are the only businesses that can get away with charging you to spend your own money?


Many auction houses also charge the seller as well...... so they basically get you coming and going!!



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There is a local auction that charges 50% commission if you table of items doesn't go for a certain amount. They get the 15% buyers premium on top of that. So do the math. The auction house is getting 65% and the consignor is getting 50%. How perverted is that? Again, I don't understand the whole concept of a buyers premium. Even Walmart doesn't make 100% profit and they have overhead and yet no buyers premium. I tolerated 10% and I was easy to find during the week because I was always at what ever auction was going on that night. But since they raised the buyers premium up to 15% I don't go to auctions near as much I use to. I also really don't miss them as much as I thought I would. I apologize for my rant.

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I'm with you. I used to hit quite a few auctions when commissions were around 10%. Now they are 20-25% at most places. I just quit going, and participating in online auctions through auction houses. Funny thing is that ebay is up around that 13% area now as well.

I think I got into the wrong industry! Haha



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I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but on Fox Business Network's new show, Strange Inheritance, they have a segment withg the family that owned the letters.



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Its funny they don't mention that he sold them :)



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Since the purple heart is missing the drape I would probably pass on it...:)


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Since the purple heart is missing the drape I would probably pass on it... :)


Since I haven't won the lottery yet, I too will probably just let it go by....Bodes


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