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Fake, Fantasy & Reproduction Wing Examples


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These don't strike me as being made by him. To be fair, he doesn't seem to make wings designed to fool people--just "copies" of real wings. Whereas, IMHO, these are just exactly that-- reproductions that are intended to fool the unwary.





You are correct. I should have been less slap-dash with my response. I believe that these started out as a pair of Joe's cast wings. Someone else added the engraving--in an attempt to deceive.

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Here is another fun ebay auction




A fake cast tiffany wing with a really horrible engraving. Looks like it was done by a drunk monkey.


Casting flaws, bad engraving, wrong hardware, poor detail.


Having trouble getting the pictures downloaded, maybe someone can help


I find that interesting if for no other reason than I know the man - Shaner - was from New Jersey, enlisted in November 1917. You would really have to go into the dregs to find his name to fake this wing. I'm sure this is a cast as well, but I'm not sure I would discount the possibility it actually belonged to Shaner.


Just for the record, here's a bit more on the man -


From a letter from his Grandfather....


Pottstown, Pa Xmas 25 1917


My Dear Grandson


I thought I must drop you a few lines as I will not likely see you to bid you good bye before you leave for service for your Country and humanity. You have chosen the course that I would have done were I young. I would sooner volunteer and choose the branch of service that I prefer. I know it is hard for your parents to see you go but so many parents have to part with their sons with a sad heart and perhaps I will have to too.


I wish the cruel war has ended, but it is fulfilling the word of God in the bible it has been told years ago that the brute shall be destroyed which means the Kaiser and then will come peace throughout the world. I trust that you will carry the word of God with you Edgar, the testament it has saved men?s lifes (sic) in time of action and through all your trials and dangers you may have to pass thru look to Jesus and ask him to help you bare (sic) your burdens. It is a great consolation to have for he has said those that come to him he would in nowise cast out, but he will not (unreadable?) if you trust him many times have I supported Batteries that played on the battlefields and prayed to God to help me . I don?t think your branch is more dangerous than the trenches. I now leave you in his kind care praying that he will watch over and care for you thru all your dangers. Put your trust in him always think of Old grand dad that he will always intercede for you in his prayers to the Throne of Grace for the safety of your return to those that love you. I may not be here if you are spared to return but pray that we may meet in a brighter world where all is love. Don?t think I am preaching to you Edgar want (Sic) you to ponder of these sentiments.


I will now close, Grandma joins in love to you and we both bid you a kind good bye. And may God bless and watch over you is our fervent prayer. Our cause is just and we will conquer in the end. Shoot straight at the huns. Never fear he that endures to the end shall be saved.


Good Bye

If you get time drop me a few lines when you are stationed


On 5 January he entered the ground school course at the School of Military Aeronautics at Princeton University, graduating 8 weeks later on 16 March 1918. It is likely he remained at Princeton until 23 March before receiving his travel orders. He was then transferred to Camp Dick, near Dallas Texas flight training being assigned to the 9th Cadet Squadron on 26 April 1918.


Later transfers saw him at Taliaferro Field and at Barron Field near Everman Texas where he earned his wings in August 1918. On the 28th of August he received his commission as a 2/Lt. in the Air Service and after application to the Aero Club of America, received ACA Certificate number 3342.


Shaner never had the opportunity to heed his Grandfather's admonition to "...shoot straight at the huns...". His training never took him overseas, but he remained at various stations in the US including Barron and Fort Sill until discharged from service on 21 January 1919.


Edgar Shaner passed away in July 1971.




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Here is a fake flight surgeon wing someone appears to have cooked up. I will let the photos do the talking asking you to focus on the caduceus :think:


Ebay auction # 360233254434



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John Cooper

Here is one to run away from - currently on Ebay


From the discription on Ebay:











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Here are some photos I have of NS Meyer restrike wings. John Cooper asked me to list these on this thread (sorry it took so long, John!). I bought these at Great Western from a wholesaler who told me they were made from original NS Meyer dies. As I recall the price was about $15 or $20 each wholesale. They are of nice quality and are made of sterling silver. I don't recall exactly when it was but I believe it was the late 1980's or early 1990's when I bought them. They're nice, I just wish they had added a date or something on the back so people would know that they were restrikes. The fronts all look nice. The backs of the AAF silver ones have a frosted look which to me is the best way to tell they are these restrikes. The gold Navy wing is really real looking, even on the back. Some of these I had in riker mounts for a few years so after being handled at gun shows they were starting to show signs of ageing. It just shows you that in 10 or 20 years from now some of these will be harder to tell as restrikes as they get a bit worn and corroded. Naturally I always sold them informing the buyers that they were restrikes but as we all know some people will be selling these as "real" ones in the future. Jon.


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They even did a post War parachute para wing! Looks great, yes?! All in sterling silver. Buyer beware!



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This J.R. Gaunt TO wing was just listed on Ebay. The TO wing is fraught with fakes. What does everyone think? :thumbdown: :thumbsup:







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