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Fake, Fantasy & Reproduction Wing Examples


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Here is a "Dallas-type" wing I like to call the "Cadillac" of fake wings.




Although the details of the feathers are all wrong, the individual pieces are nonetheless crisply die struck and the US is separately applied in 10k gold.  Some nefarious "such and such" went to the trouble of having dies made for this badge and was willing to use real gold to further their grift.  


From 6 feet away, this badge is indistinguishable from a real wing.  Caveat emptor.

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I haven't seen any of these posted here.  It might be a JoeW special, but since the photos on his site are so crappy you can't really tell.  It measures ~1-7/8" wide, has a 180-degree opening pin and a small sterling mark in the center of the back.  I don't know which maker's wing this is a copy of.


bad NFN front.JPG

bad NFN rear-2.JPG

bad NFN left wing.JPG

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Couple of cast flight nurse wing listings to be aware of on eBay. The Blackinton is very poor quality. These wouldn't fool most of us, but might be helpful to newer collectors to see obvious fakes.







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