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I got and MSA ACH, but it is in tan. It looks factory painted to me and it has the tag with a nsn. Does anyone know when these were issued and to who they were issued? Thanks!

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I believe your's is one produced for the civilian market, law enforcement, or private contracting. I've seen quite a few ones produced for these markets in tan. In my time in the army I have yet to see a tan factory painted CIF or RFI issued ach. If we wanted a tan one we would have to paint them ourselves and only with the commander's approval, I have only had that happen once. But of course this is only my experience., I could be wrong and there could have been factory produced tan ach's for military use.

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Hello Priority,

Yes, these have been factory finished in Tan (Officially Tan #380) since the 2001 timeframe. Each of the primary producers include the Tan color, but MSA is the only maker to also paint the interior as well. As stated by both Joudonnell and Ben, the green models - first Camouflage Green #483 then Foliage Green #504 are the standard ACH issue. The Tan is only issued to specialized and Special Ops units to date and still is commonly known as the MICH. They are made in a NVG drilled no hole - one hole - or three hole type.


Here are two MSA's used by USMC Force Recon -


2004 made




2010 made





Hope that helps

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