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1937 United States Public Health Service


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Page 45. :blink: Check out the specialty marks which are unique to the United States Public Health Service and are quite different than the specialty marks of the United States Coast Guard and the United States Navy. Keep in mond the eagle, specialty marks, and wreath are all in a deep marron colour on both white cotton and navy blue wool uniforms. The contrast of dark maroon on navy blue which is almost black is hard to view and the contrast of both colours makes the rates are to distinguish. Note they kept the standard USCG/USN eagle, but replaced the chevrons with a wreath! These rates were worn on both fore-arms rather than on the left arm between the shoulder and elbow, but between the wrist and the elbow. You folks who collect have hard enough time getting the 1914 USPHS rates, well, the 1937 rates are even harder to find even to view in someone else's collection. I had an entire set of both 1914 and 1937 and gave them away to a serious collector when asked to turn them over for their own collection, I never charged a dime nor took a cent as I normally give my possessions away when someone else needs them to complete their set of whatever they collect, it was the right thing for me to do, yes?


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