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Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Helmet, Personalized

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I picked up this flight deck helmet yesterday. According to information I found online the green color could indicate a catapult and arresting gear officer, air wing maintenance personnel, photographer's mate, squadron plane inspector, or liquid oxygen (LOX) crew. I was hoping someone might recognize the design and be able to tell me what ship it was used on.




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Here's the reverse:




I really liked the depiction of the skyline of New York with the Twin Towers. Too bad it isn't named!

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This helmet was used by an Aviation Electrician's Mate assigned to a squadron that used the 400 series side numbers. Probably an F/A-18 squadron. Hope this helps.



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The "E" identifies the helmet as an Aviation Electrician Mate (AE), There are abbreviations for all the squadron maintenance rates.


T= Aviation Electronics Technician (AT)

D= Aviation Machinists Mate (AD)

M= Aviation Metalsmith (AM)

ME= Aviation Metalsmith (ejection seats) (AME)

P= Plane Captain

O= Aviation Ordnance (AO)

R= Parachute Rigger (PR)

Q= Aviation Fire Control Technician (AQ)



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