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Cover,Canteen,Mounted 1941

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This is from the May/June issue of the Cavalry Journal.


Canteen Cover,_ A small item of equipment,but indubitably an important one! During the past the Cavalry Board has received a number of suggestions for modifying the canteen cover,the most recent one being from Corporal Robert Y.Sanders,Troop B,Second Cavalry.The ideas submitted have all been commendable and directed toward a very definite need for a canteen cover which can be carried on the person for dismounted uses as well as on the horse. The Cavalry Board has undertaken a study of this requirement and in order to overcome certain objections to the suggested modifications has conceded that a canteen cover for horse cavalry use should embody the following characteristics:

a.Capable of being readily carried either mounted or dismounted.

(1) For mounted use ,capable of being carried with field equipment or stripped saddle,and provided with a means of tying down to provide stability.

(2) For dismounted use,capable of being carried on the field belt;or,for fatigue details;etc.,on the waist belt when the field belt is not worn;to be unencumbered with straps or other devices when attached to saddle;and provided with a means which will permit one man to carry a number of canteens of a squad or more.

Always looking for WW2 Cavalry,Pack Mule and Constabulary horse platoon stuff.

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