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when you are stupid, you are stupid !

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I have a different way of looking at this. Here is an example. When I was 19 I drove a beautiful 1969 Dodge Super Bee until I pretty much destroyed it. I also destroyed a 1972 400 big block Charger a 1972 340 Duster, a 1973 340 Demon. What can I say? I was a little rough on the cars of my youth. Anyways, all of them were in pretty decent shape and I paid less then $2500 for the four cars combined. I now actually cry when I see these cars come up for auction on them fancy car auctions on TV. With that said. I figured I did a favor for the car collectors of today. Because if it wasn't for knuckleheads like me that tore the old muscle cars up in my youth there would be to many left and they wouldn't be anywhere near as valuable. Honestly it stills brings tears to my eyes when I think to hard on what I did to those cars so my rational doesn't work so well. Here is another one. When I was a little younger I drilled out the eyes of every Mickey Mantle card I got out of a pack of Topps with a pencil simply because I was an Orioles fan. And all the Yankees cards were the ones that got clipped onto the spokes of my Schwinn. I mean who knew??


i know what you mean, my mom's step grandad used to guide mickey mantle bird hunting, one year mickey brought most of the yankees with him to hunt birds, my mom got all of the "damn yankees" autographs,.... but mom's mom(my grandmother) threw all of those away when she went to college.(AHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

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Much of the stuff that has been destroyed or used through the years is by folks who don't know the value or before the items were valuable at all. I used to have multiple pairs my uncles named 60s black jump boots when I was a kid, as well as all his uniforms. I wore the boots and sometimes his fully patched sateen fatigue shirts to school, camping, boy scouts, playing army, etc until two pairs of the boots were finally on the verge of falling apart. Years later, I kick myself for using and abusing this stuff, but due to a fortunate quartermaster mistake, I still have two pairs of the boots that I won't be using and helping ease the pain of the ones I ruined. Lesson learned!

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