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German & English POW Religious Books

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I recently acquired an interesting pair of books (not together). The first is a Bible in English given to English-speaking POWs in German POW camps. It has the approval or clearance stamp from Stalag 95.


The other is a devotional book given to German POWs in the U.S. It has the U.S. "passed" stamp.


Interestingly, they were both given by the same organization: the Ecumenical Commission for Chaplaincy Service to Prisoners of War.





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Perhaps a correction which some of you could help with. I assumed that the "95" in the center of the triangle of the Stalag stamp was the Stalag number. As I've just tried to find more information on this camp, it seems the IIIB around the circle is the camp. Am I reading that correctly? What, then, is the 95?

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