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I wore the following DCU’s while serving as a boatswains mate with US Coast Guard Port Security Unit 307. I was serving my second enlistment on active duty when I was “selected and directed” to augment the crew of PSU 307 in July 2003. I trained with them at their station in Saint Petersburg, FL and at Camp Blanding in pre-deployment preparations. We received mobilization orders in January of 2004 to deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We departed MacDill AFB on on 03FEB04 in two USAF C-5’s and one C-17 and arrived two days later in Kuwait City after a layover in Moron, Spain. PSU 307 relieved PSU 308 upon arrival. We were bounced back and forth between camps Patriot at Kuwait Naval Base and Spearhead at Shuaiba Port.  I was a boatcrewman and coxswain on the 25’ Boston Whaler Transportable Port Security Boats (TBSB). We served as a part of Naval Coastal Warfare Group 1 Forward (NCWG-1), Detachment 6 along with Navy Harbor Defence Command 111 (HDC-111), MIUWU 103, and MIUWU 104. In December of 2004, we completed our deployment and returned home. 


I was issued three sets of DCU’s and used them for the duration of the deployment.  Two blouses have theater applied Arabic embroidery above the name tapes. The unit patches are stateside standard issue. An order came down later prohibiting the Arabic embroidery which kept me from getting all three blouses done. My third blouse carries a theater made unit patch as we ran out of issued ones. Our standard cover was the DCU eight-point upon which I applied my BM anchors. 


My boots..... 

We were originally issued a pair of cheap, piece of crap desert boots. One of our Chief’s and several of our shipmates were former Marines. They told us the day before we shipped out, that the PX had the USMC boots by Belleville and if we cared anything about our feet, we should buy a pair and ditch the issued crap. So, a bunch of us raided the MacDill PX for boots. Now, these boots have the USMC EGA on the heels. I only had one instance where a Marine questioned why we “were wearing their boots”.  I told him that they were way better than anything we were issued and we appreciated them. He took it as a compliment and proceeded to ask us what everyone else had- “What the hell is the Coast Guard doing here?” 


Also pictured are my helmet cover, my theater made boat section patch, challenge coins, literature, and a Zippo from the deployment. There’s also a photo of me from S&S during that deployment. Enjoy!


ps. Bob Hudson’s post on page 83 of this thread contains a photo of Chief Rich Schefano. CHASEUSA11B posted photos of a DCU blouse with the name Bahde (pronounced “body”) on page 80. Schefano, Bahde, and I all served together in Kuwait with PSU 307 in 2004. Small world. 

















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I love those USCG DCUs, PaulR was instrumental in providing some very rare Coast Guard DCUs to Chapter 14 our our book "Desert Uniforms, Patches, and Insignia of the US Armed Forces".  Including his DCU above and VADM Neffenger's DCU.

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1 hour ago, ehrentitle said:

I love those USCG DCUs, PaulR was instrumental in providing some very rare Coast Guard DCUs to Chapter 14 our our book "Desert Uniforms, Patches, and Insignia of the US Armed Forces".  Including his DCU above and VADM Neffenger's DCU.

I’ve been through the entire thread and have been pleasantly surprised to see so much representation by the USCG. Seeing a blouse that one of my shipmates wore was cool too. 

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The Coast Guard is our smallest armed service, and with around 42K active and 7K reservists there are not many USCG DDUs out there, and patched DCUs are even more difficult to find. Especially for the tiny Coat Guard RAID (Redeployment Assistance and Inspection Detachment) teams which conducted container inspections in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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This is me in the Sinai in 1987 as part of the MultiNational Force and Observers (MFO). We wore the chocolate chips with the giant collars and the flap inside the top part of the back of the jacket.



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Pictures of the uniform I'm wearing in the above picture. The last picture is the burnt orange beret we wore as part of the MFO. It needs a good cleaning.







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